This course is designed to give the student a good understanding of signal processing basics and techniques, along with a few simple projects.

The course will cover basics of MATLAB/Scilab, fundamentals of signal programming, basic signal manipulation, convolution, correlation.

This course is designed so that you will be able to analyse and manipulate signals on your own. The student will be learning the representation of a signal in time domain and frequency domain. The student will be able to design filters and know the significance and application of auto and cross correlation.

The course will enable the student to realize real time modification of frequency of your voice, signal analysis of heart rate(ECG), echo and noise cancellation etc.

About the Course

It is a crash course to provide more knowledge in less time. Covers most of the important concepts of Digital Signal processing. More Practical than theory. Let’s you start right away with Signal Processing.

Who is this for?

This course is designed for anyone willing to learn Signal processing practically. And anyone wanting to try projects on Signal processing.


Interest to learn, basic knowledge on programming.

At the end of this course you will be able to

Analyse and manipulate a signal on your own. Handle simple projects on your own.

Course Schedule

Note: Each session may take different lecture hours