Robotics and Automation are the core of Industrial process, Space exploration, Healthcare, Military etc.

This short-term course is designed to enable you to control various types of actuators and build systems which move, build, and do various other tasks. A long term course is available after the completion of this course if the student wishes to learn more concepts on robotics.

The concepts are taught using actuators and the students will get to build robots of various complexity as the course progresses.

This course is relevant to students, hobbyists, professionals and anyone with an interest in robotics.

About the Course

Robotics is what drives the world’s manufacturing industry. Robots have no limits and are implemented everywhere. This course aims at demystifying the concepts of robotics and start you off with building your own robot. The training is completed in just 12 hours in three weeks time. This course will lead you into the wonders of robotics. Course fee is Rs.4500. An advanced course is in the works, and you can opt to subscribe to it to learn building more complex robots.

Who is this for?

Everyone. If you love the sound of robots walking, crawling, jumping and wish to build one. Take the course.


Basic C programming and microcontroller knowledge, a laptop. And lots of tools (which we have for you).

What do you learn?

This course is designed to introduce you to the concepts of robotics and get you started with running motors and building robots right away. The course will teach you concepts of motion, concepts of actuators and sensors used in robotics. You will be taught how to control various types of actuators with microcontrollers and electronics. The course will end with you building a robot and continuing building better ones from there.

Course Schedule