Teach yourself Android Application development in a quick manner and develop apps on your own.All Android core components such as, Activities, Services, Content Providers etc., are covered. Develop your own customized music player, Gallery, location based apps, and anything of your interest. Very much helpful to a Student, Android enthusiast , a hobby coder, a kid, professional; anyone who'd want to learn application development in Android.

Android market share in smartphone industry is 82% - Gartner Research

20 million app developers required by 2020 Source - IAMAI

Avg. annual salary of android developer is $100k - Indeed.com Salary Data

About the Course

Our Android App Developer course ensures that you become a professional android app developer. Designed to propel your application development career, this course takes you through the basic as well as advanced concepts in Android app development. You will acquire necessary skillsets and experience for professional Android application development by building 4 top trending applications within the course.

What are course objectives

Get proficient in Android app development Gain expertise on app development for Android wear devices Gain thorough understanding of Android studio installation along with Android architecture and also developing android apps with eclipse plugged with android sdk. Build and publish your own Android app in Google Play Store.

Who should do this course

This course is ideal for every individual who is keen on establishing a career in Android app development. However, the course is best suited for: Aspiring app developers seeking to master app development and gain professional competence Web developers looking for a career shift into the lucrative android app development Aspirants and students willing to start their career in app development


You need to know the basics of Java to take up this course. The Fundamentals of Java course provided (for free) along with this course will train you in Java essentials, giving you a strong foundation in professional android application development.

Example Projects

Timer: You will build a simple timer app using which you can perform all the basic threading functions needed in order for sequential flow of operations. Scheduling your app design is the top priority.

Music Player: Get understanding of how to read different file formats viz., .mp3, .mp4, .jpeg and what not?. And list them to user in your creative style. And understand the concept of services in Android. Ever bothered how a song would be played continuously even when you're using some other app than Music player ?. Get to know how the service would run in the background and play song for you.

Location based App: Get to build an app which lets you know the exact address of the place you're in, wherever you're in this planet. Get to know how Google places API works. Understand the awesomeness of knowing whats nearby., a theatre, a pub, a college., whatever interest you.

Gallery: show your pictures in the colors of your choice ! Design your UI as your creativity lets you.

Course Schedule

Is there any certification exam for Android?

No, there is no certification exam for Android app development from our side. However we would guide you to pursue a Nanodegree from Google for Android development if you're interested to put one under your profile. We would make sure your creativity goes World-wide by placing your app in Google play store and let the world know about what you've done, what you're capable of, and that eventually will place you working in top companies say, Google!. or sony, htc, samsung, your efforts will get you to build your own Google if you're capable of, that would showcase your ability in android to every.