Everything changes. This energy called change, is the key to success.

Augmentor Labs is energy in the right direction. We firmly believe that never ending innovation is the way ahead. So here we are, to accelerate your “change” to reach the growth you seek. We have the determination and talent to transform your ideas into the wonderful product it was meant to be. Consult us, to take your ideas in the right direction.



Never pause

We give solutions which enable wireless, unabridged access to your devices and equipments at home, office, industry, farm etc. Simplify and accelerate the way things work around you. Augmentor makes sure you get secure command and access over devices from anywhere in the world. Automate your devices and peripherals, give them their own brain. spend less time worrying.

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Prevent and Protect

Theft. Risk. Vandalism. Secure what matters to you from these. We develop robust systems which will not only report an attack, but fight back an attack. Retaliate on any kind of attack made on your devices and property. Be alerted of an attack immediately wherever you are. Augmentor lets the device fight for you.

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Augmentor Labs provides technical assistance to students with their academic projects. We make sure a professional touch is given to the project and the project goals are successfully met by the student on time. We have people who impart excellent guidance so that the student begins to discover the project from inside out. We also have the necessary tools to develop, fabricate, and design the students ideas. We further help you with publishing technical papers on your projects.

Electronic Projects

We provide technical guidance related to a variety of fields in electronics for Diploma/B.E/MTech students. The students can use our lab setup to conceptualise their ideas.

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Mechanical Projects

We help design, simulate, build robots, machines, contraptions, or components in our lab. We have resources with which you can easily fabricate your projects.

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Computer Science Projects

Technical assistance to Information Technology related ideas are provided in our lab to develop precise codes for your needs

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We at Augmentor Labs believe that a training is best imparted when theory is applied to create something practical. With this vision Augmentor Labs conducts courses in the following fields


Teach yourself Android Application development in a quick manner and develop apps on your own.



Wireless electronics find a place in almost all devices and technologies now.



Robotics and Automation are the core of Industrial process, Space exploration, Healthcare, Military etc.



This course is designed to give the student a good understanding of signal processing basics.



Image processing is a versatile field which is essential in almost all fields.



The need for research papers and journals are on the rise. Learn the guidelines of paper publication.


Courses are conducted in Weekday batches and Weekend batches. The course fee starts from Rupees 3,000. Practically oriented teaching in Digital classrooms by Professional Trainers. Courses are conducted in small batches in a conducive environment. We promise you practical knowledge with every course.



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We seek the unknown to augment what is already known.